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Tables Au Naturel|Simple Chic with Jute Table Linens

Tables Au Naturel|Simple Chic with Jute Table Linens

Whether you are crafting a tablescape that complements your farm-to-table cuisine or planning a wedding with a rustic vibe, jute is a fabric that you just canít miss. If you havenít used jute before, think of it as an upscale version of burlap ~ jute has a rich woven texture, is sustainable, and provides great value, but it is a bit softer and more refined than burlap. And frankly it smells more beach-rustic than working-farm-rustic, whereas burlap can be a bit stinky. Not exactly the rustic vibe youíre looking for, though you might get points for authenticity.

So basically, jute is a great go-to choice for homes and events, whether you are going Rustic throughout, or just need a flexible, earth-friendly, natural fabric for accent elements.

In the main photo, we love the mix of creams and browns with a pop of emerald in this refined rustic dining room. The jute runner with a stripe of contrasting ivory jute down the center provides an easy foundation for the low centerpiece while protecting the table.

In the 2nd photo, how perfect would a jute runner look in this gorgeous natural dining room?

In the 3rd photo, this pretty tablecloth is one of our favorite DIY ideas. Itís a perfect beginner project ~ with a stencil and some fabric paint, you could easily customize a Runner or Table Topper with a simple or a complex design. This simple black monogram makes a classic statement.

Speaking of DIY projects, the custom candle holders in the 4th photo are another do-able, budget friendly addition to a table or centerpiece. Just wrap candle holders in Jute Ribbon. For an extra level of personalization, select a candle holder in the wedding colors, or embellish the jute with the happy coupleís new monogram.

Whether you are incorporating natural, renewable design into your home or just looking for a simple, elegant material for a rustic wedding, jute is a great choice. Weíre always on the lookout for your great ideas ~ let us know how youíve used jute in your home, at your event, or in your retail store.
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