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Katie Henderson Bio

Katie Henderson Bio

Vice President Katie Henderson is the creative nerdy-pants behind ShopWildThings. Katie grew up working in our retail operation and then broadened her management skills as the Training and Marketing Director for the U.S. Small Business Administration's Small Business Development Center for the State of Maryland. While there she was presented with the Commitment to Quality Award for training and development of educational programs for entrepreneurs. When she returned to ShopWildThings, Katie established the website and applied her technical knowledge, artistic flair, and imaginative writing to develop the website into the fun and intuitive e-store it is today. Katie is a member of Rotary International and was awarded the prestigious Rotarian of the Year Award. When she is not working on the website, she can be found with her family or out trail running, cycling, or at the grocery store picking through organic produce and avoiding cupcakes. Katie travels the United States and Internationally for product sourcing and factory visits.

Katie's happiest moments at work are when customers feel emotional about ShopWildThings. For her, the most important aspects of running a business are relationships, customer satisfaction, and the ability to provide a good living wage to employees.

Photo: Katie with celebrity Interior Designer David Bromstad (of HGTv fame) and manager Jeff Glasko. Jeff and David look fabulous. Katie's hair is reacting badly to the Atlanta weather. David Bromstad uses ShopWildThings for various projects including a huge installation of our Metal Chain Curtains for the House of Rock in Santa Monica, CA.
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