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CLEARANCE! "Daniella" Glass Candleholder and Vase with Wire - Tabletop or Hanging

Item #: 84004
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Item Specifics
6 1/2 inches
9 1/2 inches
hanging & tabletop
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Item Description
Clear Glass Candleholder with Wire Trim & Handle, 9.5" Tall by 6.5" Wide Decorative Vase, Tabletop or Hanging Candle Lantern

Rustic yet chic, our "Daniella" Glass Candle Holder with Wire Trim is one of those decorative elements that never goes out of style and is versatile enough for year-round use! A clear glass vessel has so many possibilities for parties and events, for centerpieces or hanging décor, for any season and any reason. This holder is 9 1/2" tall by 6 1/2" wide and the glass is a heavy-duty 3/8" thick. The mouth opening is 4 1/4" in diameter and the entire holder is accented with black wire. The flexible wire handle is about 15" long and is not stationary so use this as a hanging candle holder one day and a tabletop floral centerpiece the next!

The company who makes these blown glass candle lanterns is primarily an art glass producer, so we're very excited that they brought their talent and quality to the candle holder market. Any theme party or event will find a use for these versatile holders. Create a soft look by combining tulle with feathers or rose petals and for rustic lovers, try sand, Acrylic Beaded Sprays, pearls, shells, burlap or chunks of driftwood.

Add a bit of light by floating flameless candles or pop in 3 to 4 powerful Submersible LED's and top with water jelly pearls. You can even change up the look by adorning the outside of the holder by hanging crystal pendants or attaching Mini Roses to the wire casing.

Hang these from trees and wires, use as centerpieces or even floor décor. Nothing special going on? Daniella makes a wonderful candy jar! ENDLESS possibilities!
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CLEARANCE! "Daniella" Glass Candleholder and Vase with Wire - Tabletop or Hanging
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