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Item #: 270039
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Item Specifics
35 inches
12 feet
12 feet
18 Strands
$45.99 ea.
Item Description
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The sparkling Diamante Duo Beaded Curtain features large and small alternating beads and is a BESTSELLER at ShopWildThings. It's used often both for events and in homes. We can help you to create all kinds of amazing scenes using this beaded curtain.

If you hang our beaded curtains next to each other, they look like one super wide beaded curtain. They line up really nicely.

Dazzling and radiant, our gorgeous Diamante Duo Crystal Iridescent Curtain will add excitement to any setting and it's ready to perform straight out of the box! The luminous effect of the pearly topcoat on the beads make this 12' beauty a favorite among favorites! It's simply stunning! There are 18 strands, each 12' long with alternating bead sizes. The smaller bead is 9/16" wide (just over 1/2") and the larger bead is 3/4". The white headrail is 35" wide and has 2 eyelets for easy hanging. The beads are adhered to the strands so you can actually trim the strands to create a scalloped or zig-zag bottom and the beads will not fall off! Our beads are acrylic and the clarity is outstanding. They are faceted on both sides so the beautiful pastel colors glimmer with the slightest bit of light. Use for weddings, events, parties or backdrops, this curtain is easily integrated into any theme and it's even perfect for every day, year-round use! It's so easy to add glitz with this light weight curtain which is 5 lbs. For extra glam, pair with our Dazzle Chandelier which has the same Diamante Duo Crystal Iridescent beads!

The video below shows our DIAMONDS beaded curtain, but it's got the same finish, just smaller beads than the Diamante Duo curtain.

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