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Filling The Air with the Greatest of Ease|Large Decor Items

Filling The Air with the Greatest of Ease|Large Decor Items

If your midsummer nights" dreams consist of fairytale weddings set in luxurious venues, we have some inspiration that will make your next event match your sweetest overnight musings. Colin Cowie is truly the master of tasteful elegance, and he excels at transforming even the most recognizable, fantastic hotels into highly personalized settings for his couples" celebrations. Let"s take a look at some of the imaginative ways that he uses massive amounts of vertical space to enhance the effect of even the world"s most exclusive venues. (Hint: Think luxurious lighting, suspended bling, and fabulously frothy feathers.)

The Plaza New York is one of the most storied and exclusive event venues in the country, and no one is better suited to the task of transforming it than Colin Cowie aided by crystal columns and tiers of candlelight.

Image walking down an aisle lit by layers of Candles, as your intended watches from a dais embellished with crystal columns. Actually, you don't have to imagine: Just check out the effect that Colin Cowie achieved in the main photo.

Using some of the same key elements ~ candlelight and square crystal columns ~ Colin Cowie ties the ceremony and reception areas together beautifully. Adding to the already stunning architecture of the room, these pieces set the stage for a grand affair. These crystal columns can be ordered in custom lengths to accentuate the structure of any classic or modern event space, and they're a great way to enhance the dramatic effect of high ceilings.

A closeup of the Crystal Columns shows the way that color can be added with event lighting one of the things we love about these columns is how versatile they are, taking on the color that you select. For event planners, they are the ultimate in reusable large scale event Decor. (We love the gorgeous custom design with the couple"s initials, too. Such a bold, timeless touch. We Southerners can't help but think that the monogram would look pretty swanky on pillows and towels, too.)

we're suckers for Candlelight and ostrich feathers. Besides being stunning ways to fill giant venues effectively, they're extremely cost effective, as they're 100% reusable. Hello, jaws dropping *and* happy planet.

In the last photo, an off-to-the-side view of the bar shows how well integrated the entire event"s Decor is. The effect of the event lighting is clear on the left side of this image. And we kinda think you can't go wrong with Ostrich Feathers in a bar.

Whether you're working on your breakthrough event at an A-list venue, experimenting with portfolio work that will launch you into the stratosphere of event planning, or building a set of strategies to fill big spaces on a budget without looking like corners were sliced and diced, we think that large Decor items are staples that every planner should stockpile due to their versatility, value, and overall wow factor. Crystal columns and ostrich feathers are some of the most flexible, impactful, and all around stunning pieces that we carry. Throw in some candle light and a chandelier or ten, and you have an event to remember even for the most jaded VIP guests. Whether this is your first or your 101st wedding or event, we'd love to talk to you about how our stunning Decor staples can transform your venues while yielding fantastic value for your clients.
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