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Lead Crystal Candle Holder "Seraphena" - 7" Tall - Reversible!

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You'll flip over this beautiful crystal cut lead candle holder! Seriously, like flip it over and you can use a different size candle. How cool is that? On one side, the opening is for a pillar candle up to 3" in diameter. Flip it, and you've got an opening made to hold candles up to 1.75" in diameter. The beautiful facets in the 2 round globes on this holder reflect the light so beautifully.

You'll be proud to use these in your events OR in your home for either daily use or for special occasions. We think you should use the pretty stuff every day, though. Just saying. What are you saving it for, anyway?!

7" tall, 3.5" diameter
Customer Reviews
Lead Crystal Candle Holder "Seraphena" - 7" Tall - Reversible!
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