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VIDEO: LED Light Saucers with Remote Control

Lighting your events is a critical part of throwing any party. If you are having an event in a tent, or even in a permanent event room, what kind of power will you have? Are you sure that you will have access to electricity?

Battery Operated LED Lighting is a simple solution to a difficult problem that many event planners face.

LED Light Saucer Discs can be used on top of chandeliers in place of light kits. You can also place them on top of Centerpieces. If you use a chandelier on top of a vase, they make an incredible centerpiece! Just place our LED Light Disc on top and you'll illuminate the table beautifully.

ShopWildThings LED Light Saucers include a remote control and are battery operated. What's better is that the range of our remotes is about 30 feet, and the technology of the remote control is Infrared. What this means that instead of using Radio Frequencies, our IR (Infrared) remotes will allow you to accurately control exactly which lights you want to turn on and off. Control several lights at once with ONE remote!

The remotes come with a key-fob holder, so you can easily attach it to a keyring or lanyard.

The short video below will show you how our LED Remote Control Light Saucers with 23 Lights work! See the color differences in the lights as well.

This video shows our LED Saucers on top of our "Fifth Avenue" Chandelier.

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