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CLEARANCE! LED Light Strand Set of 12 - Cool White 40"

Item #: 138002
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Item Specifics
40 inches
bendable||great for small areas
Item Description
We are very sorry but this clearance item is sold out. Often we have a comparable product that we can quickly help you find, so please give us a call at 928.855.6075.

Sometimes you just need a shorter light strand to do the trick and our new 40" LED Light Strand Set is the answer!

You will receive 12 strands, each 40" long with 10 cool white LED lights and it's amazing just how long these strands stay lit! We tested them out and after being on all day and night, they were still going after 6 days! We had to end our party but this should outlast just about any event!!

The hue on this string light is a softer version of the traditional cool white - bright LED"s without the intense blue tone. Each strand has a 2 1/4" long by 1 1/2" wide battery box with an on/off switch and it requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

These smaller strands are absolutely wonderful for floral displays and vases - anywhere a pop of light is needed and they're perfect for areas where no outlet is available. The flexible wire makes it easy to form around or inside objects or to squeeze into small spots. These strands are not waterproof but they add lots of flair and style to vases filled with branches, sprays, artificial floral Decor and diamond confetti. Display cases, wedding arches, decorative pedestals, manzanita trees, centerpiece designs, cages, spheres and Cinderella carriages all take on an added elegance with light.

Place on centerpiece mirrors around flameless candles and hide the battery pack with flowers or garland. You can also highlight banquet and gift tables by laying down the strands and covering with flowers and/or tulle. The perfect little strand when you don't want electric cords dangling down!
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CLEARANCE! LED Light Strand Set of 12 - Cool White 40"
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