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We expect to get this item back in stock during March 2019.

Item #: 999139
Item Specifics
5/16 inch
35 inches
Pure White (Pure) or Warm White (Warm)
Plug-In (Plug) $19.99 or Battery (B/O) $14.99
54 LED's ; 12V ; UL Listed
Item Description
Create spectacular decor by adding high intensity LED lights to your curtain! Each strip has 54 surface mounted LED's and fits perfectly on the header rod but the strip can be cut shorter if needed. There is a faint line along the strip indicating where you can cut which is every 2" which equals 3 LEDs. The bright lights shine down, which is UNIQUE to our design and highlight the curtain, illuminating down the strands for maximum brilliance! The peel-and-stick backing removes easily and the adhesive site fits perfectly on our 35" wide Beaded Curtain header rods.

Take a look at the brief video below!

The photos show our Diamonds Crystal Beaded Curtain with LED Strips installed on top. The top couple of feet of beads are illuminated by the LED Strip which is beautiful - and the rest of the area (a large portion of the room!) is also illuminated by the light spill of just one strand on top of one curtain! What this means is that these could possibly be all the lighting you'd need in a dark area of a venue! If using in your home, this would easily be a replacement for other lighting in your room, or work well as a nightlight, too! The lights are not so bright as to be annoying or hard on your eyes, but definitely bright enough to be a significant light source.


Pure Plug (+$5.) = Pure White Lights with Plug-In adapter $19.99 each (currently out of stock)

Warm Plug (+$5.) = Warm White Lights with Plug-In adapter $19.99 each

Pure B/O = Pure White Lights Battery Operated $14.99 each (currently out of stock)

Warm B/O = Warm White Lights Battery Operated $14.99 each(currently out of stock)

Color: Our LED color options are Warm White or Pure White. Warm White has a softer hue, similar to candlelight while Pure White is brighter and it's....pure white with no blue tint!

Power: Your LED power options are Plug-In or Battery Operated.

Plug-In: Choose a plug-in option when you want to use regular power. The UL listed, 12V adapter has a 6" lead and a 5' long cord with plug.

Battery Pack Details: The UL Listed battery case is 2 3/4" wide by 5" long and 3/4" tall and requires 8 AA batteries (not included).The battery case has an on/off switch with a 7" lead that plugs into the light strip. You can hide the battery pack with florals if you'd like! It will hang down unless you secure it (the rod can handle the weight) with something like large wire ties to the curtain rod.

We pay extra to have our lights UL Listed. This ensures the most safety. Buy cheaper at your own risk, we get reports all the time that someone's LED lights caught fire or started smoking. We do not say this to instill fear or sell more goods. We are truly concerned about unscrupulous sellers endangering lives.

For even more detail about each option, see these links:

Plug-In Pure White
Plug-In Warm White
Battery Operated Pure White
Battery Operated Warm White
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COMING SOON! Add LED Light Strip - Choose Color & Power Source
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