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High Impact Event Lighting on a Budget

High Impact Event Lighting on a Budget

We specialize in bringing the bling to weddings and events, so our sexiest products are often obvious showstoppers like brilliant crystal columns, sparkling bead curtains, and luxurious crystal ceiling drapes. These stunners are a little bit diva-ish in their insistence that all eyes turn to them, and we like them that way.

But we also like to feature the behind-the-scenes products that are favorites of industry insiders and event professionals because they allow the exciting features to shine. You don’t necessarily notice them specifically, and most people wouldn’t give them a second glance if they saw them in Target. But these little pieces hold up, light up, stabilize, and otherwise support their attention seeking, sparkling partners in fabulous. Think of them as the worker bees of wedding and event planning ~ not the sexiest, but without them there’s no honey.

In the main photo, one of our favorite things in this category is portable LED lighting ~ especially LED Light Discs and floralytes. When you want to add drama to a centerpiece or other decor, these lighting solutions provide dramatic, colorful, safe light that doesn’t require an outside power source. Genius, right? Decide for yourself…

Would an LED disc (2nd photo) look good with a crystal chandelier on a centerpiece riser? Oooh, that’s a tough one…

If you’re an event designer, you no doubt recognize the power of colored LED lighting to transform venues affordably, layering your clients’ color schemes throughout your events ~ subtly or with over-the-top saturation. Whether you choose powerful LED Floralytes to add punch to centerpiece elements, or choose light discs to provide either uplighting or downlighting to crystal columns and chandeliers, LED lights are impossible to beat for an affordable, easy to use event lighting solution.

In the 3rd photo, the drama that pink brings to these crystal columns is just stunning, in our opinion. But if tonight’s client wants pink and next Saturday’s wants emerald green, then we’re pretty sure that LED light discs with a variety of selectable color options are tough to beat for value. (As an aside, we love the puddled look of these crystal columns.)

Floralytes, feathers, and crystal beads (4th photo)? Don’t mind if we do.

And, in the final photo, blue floralytes, Crystal Bead Strands and crystal ball chandeliers? Twist our arms…

Whether you are stockpiling versatile pieces as you prepare for one big event or building a set of staples to use at seasons’ worth of high-end soirees, we think that LED lighting is one of the most powerful lighting solutions available to event planners (and regular folks).
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