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COMING SOON! DazzLED Vase & Centerpiece Lighting - Warm White Lights - 6"

Item #: 153023
Item Specifics
1 1/2 inches
6 inches
Item Description
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Lights are a fabulous way to accent and enhance just about everything so transform an average centerpiece into an outstanding display with our new DazzLED Vase Light with 31 LEDs! See the short video below showing the color comparison between the Warm White and Pure White. From Eiffel Tower Vases big huge cylinder vases, to ornamental glass and decorative bottles, everything looks classier using this round vase light and it's just so easy! LED's put out an extraordinary amount of light yet they stay cool so you don't have to worry about what you're putting on top of this unit. This impressive light is 6" in diameter and it's 1 3/8" tall. The base of the unit is matte silver/gray with a clear acrylic top and the 31 Warm White LEDs are mounted on a mirrored surface which really enhances the visual effect. The large 6" surface is also wonderful for showcasing collectibles, keepsakes, floral arrangements and up lighting artificial trees, floor Decor and art pieces couldn't be easier! Downlight a chandelier for a dazzling and glamorous effect! This unit is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) and there's an on/off toggle switch on the side. The underside has 3 slip-proof pads to hold your showpiece in place.

Our Brand New DazzLED¨ Line of LED Event Lighting is made exclusively for ShopWildThings - and we are crazy people for quality. Each LED light is tested (at our insistence and at an extra cost to us) to be sure that it's beautiful and perfect before it's packaged! Our DazzLED¨ line uses the very latest in LED Technology, making it much brighter, with more vibrant colors, and with event longer lasting diodes (lights) than its predecessors.

This unit operates on batteries only and cannot be plugged in.

This light is so bright, it will illuminate the largest of vases. In fact, it will illuminate a room! Once you place a vase on top, the light will be concentrated to illuminate the display on top, but you could use these on top of our large lighted columns (aiming down) and they would easily illuminate most of the beads! These are POWERFUL lights. We were joking in the office that they could also be used as a weapon, which is only sort of funny.
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COMING SOON! DazzLED Vase & Centerpiece Lighting - Warm White Lights - 6"
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