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Item #: 810018
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Item Specifics
6 feet
6 feet
6 feet
floor standing||indoor/outdoor
Item Description
To insure these made to order trees meet our quality standards, please allow 5 days from ordering to shipping.

New! Warm White LED lights dot this fabulous tree that will illuminate any space with a soft and romantic glow. Our spectacular LED Willow Tree is loaded with Warm White LED lights and it stands 6' tall by 6' wide. Our high quality LED Trees are popular for both home use and event planners alike. Since they can be used both indoors or outdoors you don't have to worry that pending rain will cause malfunction.

Here's what we know about these professional grade LED Trees: We use them ourselves, we've opened them, put them together, tested them, photographed them, and know that these trees will knock your socks off. We have sold our LED Trees to several television studios and production companies for award shows. We've sold them to event planners as well. Retail stores love our LED trees for permanent store display because LEDs last so long, use very little power, and never get hot to the touch.

This tree is available in Warm White LED with Brown Trunk (this one), White LED with White Trunk, and Green Leaf with Brown trunk. The trunks have a ton of detail and are texturized for a more realistic 3 dimensional look. The branch diameters are proportionate to the trunk size adding to the "natural" look and feel. They are real attention-getters.

The base is 5' high with 10" steel bottom plate that is covered by the trunk. Each branch has 55 LED's for a total of 550 LED's on the tree. The branches (10 total) each have 5 bendable limbs and have a sleeve that slides over the trunk attachment and are secured with allen screws. The metal framed limbs support the life-like willow LED Leaves. Each leaf is 3.5" long and you'll receive 10 spare leaves. The translucent clear leaves are made out of flexible texturized material complete with plant-like veins which nicely disguise the brilliant LED lights held within. Each tree is shipped with 3 lag bolts to mount permanently or just stake them down in soil for your next tent event. If you choose to put in on a table, you will want to weight or secure the base so that it does not topple.

With a whopping 550 LED's this tree is bright enough to illuminate just about any room. This tree uses standard 120 volt but only 70 watts and comes with a rainproof AC power adapter with 6' cord. Note: Although this item is Indoor/Outdoor, we do recommend bringing it inside in cases of extreme weather.

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SALE ! Willow Tree, 6' Warm White LED w/Brown Trunk - Indoor/Outdoor
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