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Metal Sparkly Leaf Tree Centerpiece Prop - 3 Feet Tall

Item #: 141432864
Item Specifics
14 inches
3 feet
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Item Description
3-D Metal Leaf Tree With Glitter and Sequins, 3' Tall by 14" Wide Centerpiece, Floor or Tabletop Background Decoration

Looking for centerpiece ideas that are unique and showy? Our 3' tall Metal Leaf Tree is a stylish tabletop decoration that evokes the green theme without having to actually deal with live plants. This is a stand-alone decoration with a base that measures 4" x 6" and the entire piece is 3' tall by 14" wide. The framework of the tree is 1/2" thick and is actually 3 dimensional, with heavy-duty wire coated in green glitter and small sequins. This tree weighs 2.6 lbs. and you cannot bend the metal framework (by hand); this is a substantial, durable piece (i.e. it'll last a long time!)

For going green, spring fling or garden party celebrations, this statement piece is all that's needed, but you can further embellish it by attaching lights to the backside or by hanging crystal pendants or small ornaments. You can also place the stems of flowers in the grid-like framework, allowing you to alter this decoration for a variety of themed events. The height and 3-D effect make this a memorable centerpiece and it absolutely holds its own as a floor accent piece!
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Metal Sparkly Leaf Tree Centerpiece Prop - 3 Feet Tall
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