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Light Bulb Color Filter - Adhesive Sheet to Cover (4) Lightbulbs - Yellow

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Item Description
We are thrilled to introduce our new Light Bulb Filter Films. They are sheets of film that measure 12.5" x 8" and come in different colors. They're lightly adhesive. You just cut a piece off and cover a lightbulb with the film, which will turn the color of the lightbulb to match the film! This is an awesome way to dramatically change the look of any room, party, light for a very small investment! Each film will cover about 4 standard size lightbulbs. Just cut with scissors!

You can even take it a step further and change the look depending on which type of light bulb you use. You can change the hue with fluorescent, warm white, or bright white bulbs! Energy Efficient CFL Bulbs up to 60 watt are recommended for use with the Color Gels.

These films are PHENOMENAL for use with our Jigsaw lamp kits! Turn those fabulous Poly Lamps a zillion different colors with these gels. You can make the white Jigsaw lamps purple just by wrapping the light bulbs in one of these sheets! AMAZING!
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Light Bulb Color Filter - Adhesive Sheet to Cover 4 Lightbulbs - Yellow
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