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Hanging LED Column 7200 Fairy Lights 10 Feet Long x 20", 60 Strands

Item #: 187002
Item Specifics
10 feet
20 inches
60 strands
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Item Description
Hanging Fairy Light Column 10' Long Indoor/Outdoor LED Hanging Column Chandelier, 60 Strands With 7200 Warm White Lights, 20" Round Frame Can Sit on A Riser For A Lighted Floor Chandelier

This is such a great deal! If you tried to create this out of strands of LED's yourself, you'd use dozens of packs of batteries and $400-$900 depending on the fairy light strands you choose. We offer this exceptional item that plugs in and it totally safe for your venue. We work with our factories in person to ensure your safety and that certificates for UL and safety standards are accurate.

When you need a fresh take on event décor that also puts on a spectacular show, our LED Hanging Column with 7,200 mini lights absolutely knocks it out of the park! This 20" round column is truly amazing, with 60 strands of warm white LED lights, usable indoors and out with the option of sitting on a riser for an awesome floor chandelier! Also included is a 20" ring to optionally add to the bottom of the column, which presents an entirely different look! The lights are steady (they do not twinkle or flash) and they're mounted on super thin wire that's totally flexible and the overall look is clean and elegant. The clear power cord is 9' long with a watertight UL listed power adapter with 120V input and 30V output. This column does not come with a hanging chain but it only weighs 3.8 lbs.

With 120 lights on every strand, this column looks stunning with or without the bottom ring attached and it's all about what style you prefer. Let the strands hang in a loose wavy pattern, coil the strands into a tighter spiral or pull them taut and optionally attach them to the bottom ring. The thin, flexible wire is very easy to wrap around the ring without the need for wire ties. With the strands in a loose wavy pattern as in the main photo, the length of the column is 7' and if the strands are completely taut, the length of the column is 10'.

The top ring has crossbars so you can create an impressive fairy string light floor chandelier by placing this column on a riser like our height adjustable Double Rise and how incredible would this look at an outdoor evening reception, hanging from trees or sitting throughout a patio area! This lighted column chandelier is also ideal for creating romantic ambiance at restaurants and nightclubs.

Lighting is a critical element of every event; make it luxurious, make it distinctive, make it memorable!
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Hanging LED Column 7200 Fairy Lights 10 Feet Long x 20", 60 Strands
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