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Item #: 136009
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Item Specifics
22 inches
30 inches
22 inches
Item Description
Iridescent Hanging "Neptune" Chandelier - Party Supply decoration 22" Diameter, 30" Long! This decoration is clear with Iridescent Coating appearance. You will be in awe at the intense color show this chandelier produces. Our Neptune Chandelier features a plastic loop which is 18" in diameter but the actual chandelier is 22" in diameter and 30" long with a 5" monofilament loop attached for easy hanging.

This is a "HoneyComb" style chandelier which means that it expands from flat to be three-dimensional.

Neptune consists of circular cut-outs with spikey edges and the rainbow of colors are so vibrant and lively that you'll swear there's an actual light inside! To assemble, release the monofilament line which is looped inside the body (do not remove the line) then circle around the two ends and fasten together with the attached pieces of velcro. Fun, fast, easy and captivating!

If you're looking to fill up a bunch of space at your party with bright, fun, eye catching decorations that take up a bunch of room but not a bunch of your budget, these items are perfect. The pendants can be used on the tabletop or strung from the ceiling!

We've been waiting for almost a year for this amazing new product to arrive. During that time, we've had some of these items hanging in our offices. EVERY person who sees it stops to ask about it. They look almost like they are lit from within and reflect a ton of colors on top of the clear film surface. You'll see purple, pink, green, blue, and different variations of each depending on the light in the room and the movement of the item.

Each piece comes packed completely flat. They are super lightweight and totally reusable. You open them up to use, similar to paper garlands and party supplies like paper wedding or holiday bells etc. These are much better than paper decorations though, as they will not get destroyed the first time that you use them.
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SALE ! Chandelier "Neptune" - Large 22" x 2.5' Long - Iridescent, Expanding
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