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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Chandeliers and Bead Curtains Elevate Upscale Retail Displays at Top Tourist Destinations
Chandeliers and Bead Curtains Elevate Upscale Retail Displays at Top Tourist Destinations

Chandeliers and Bead Curtains Elevate Upscale Retail Displays at Top Tourist Destinations

ShopWildThings Chandeliers Draw Visitors Inside at Longwood Gardens’ Main Gift Shop

When you’re designing the main windows in any store, the first goal must be to entice visitors to notice, stop, and head inside to shop. Longwood Gardens is a storied botanical garden with visual fabulousness in every direction ~ more than 400 acres of it, actually ~ so the gift shop has to bring its A game to compete with the amazing landscaping, fountains, restored residence, conservatory, themed tree houses… you get the idea.

In short, Longwood is an opulent and stunning place, so we were especially pleased to see that ShopWildThings décor pieces were featured in nearly every vignette in the front of the Garden Shop during the Gardens’ peak Christmas season.

In the main photo, a pair of our Swirl Chandeliers was a key component of the main entrance display incorporating flocked Christmas trees and ornaments for sale, and the scene drew our attention immediately.

Upon entering the packed gift shop, we realized that ShopWildThings chandeliers and Bead Curtains were key players on display throughout the front of the store. Another display featuring a ShopWildThings chandelier (2nd photo) and a combination of décor and retail items captures guests’ attention in the front section of the store.

Continuing with the winter wonderland theme in the 3rd photo, this bead curtain is suspended from a silver arch structure, and the individual strands have been shortened to different lengths to evoke icicles. The jump ring design of our bead curtains makes this sort of alteration to bead strands both simple and temporary ~ increasing the curtains’ flexibility and their potential for reuse in different configurations. Side note: Does anyone want to buy us that fabulous wool shawl? The point-counterpoint between the shawl’s natural textures and our beads’ sleek shiny design has a yin-yang synergy that we can’t resist.

We might even like to see this display with fairy strands in place of the white icicle lights for a subtle, sophisticated glow.

Once we were really drawn into the store, we couldn’t help but notice that our bead curtains also set off large sections of merchandise. What an easy and ingenious way to tie together the seasonal winter retail section and the more permanent displays of merchandise.

In the application in the final photo, strategic tie-backs protect the display only sections at the top while inviting shoppers to inspect the wares on the lower shelves. Because our bead curtains come in an extensive array of sizes, colors and beads at several different price points, you can select the combination that makes sense for your specific needs without sacrificing choice or overall effect. And since we make most of our products with event usage in mind, they stand up to heavy use and have modest requirements for setup and breakdown.

Are you planning 2019 store displays for a retail space of your own? Let us help you get your hands on the décor pieces that will complete your looks, draw in your customer base, and work in a wide variety of seasonal displays for years to come.

We have the friendliest customer service folks in the event décor business, and they are just a phone call away at 1-928-855-6075. We would love to help you gain a competitive edge by showing you an unbeatable array of on trend pieces and hard working staple décor items. We believe that you get what you pay for, and we want you to get the very best quality and versatility for your design dollars. Let us help you find the products that will set you apart, whether your competition is the store next door or the scenic wonder that draws your area’s visitors.
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