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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Crystal Candelabras and a Floral Bridge Anchor a Jaw-Dropping Luxury Wedding
Crystal Candelabras and a Floral Bridge Anchor a Jaw-Dropping Luxury Wedding

Crystal Candelabras and a Floral Bridge Anchor a Jaw-Dropping Luxury Wedding

A Floral Bridge with Bistro Lights Sets the Scene for a Stunning Luxury Wedding
Occasionally our Instagram feed stops us in our tracks. This floral bridge with bistro lighting accents is definitely in the category of show-stopping, jaw-dropping, over-the-top wedding features. And it’s an application that is simply made for our Realistic Faux Florals and indoor/outdoor bistro light strands. Our super realistic faux florals look so real that the bride and groom might well not know the difference, and guests a few yards away certainly would not. Add bistro lighting for a wedding feature that will transition from day to night as the central photo opp of your event. Best of all, pack up both the lighting and the faux florals for use in different configurations and future events, saving this and future brides money that they can spend on other aspects of their weddings.

A close-up of the floral bridge installation shows the long layers of fringe that complete this look. Our String Curtains are easily trimmed to any length and make setup and breakdown simple and easy. Bead curtains are an alternative that is just as effective (not to mention super sparkly), depending on your preferred look. And because our bead curtains are constructed with jump rings, you can customize the length for different events and reuse the full curtains by reattaching segments as needed. Again, a win for the budget as well as customization.

Crystal Candelabras and Roses Combine For Elegant Tables that Sparkle
The light, bright, sparkling theme is continued from the bridge indoors to the reception with centerpieces that bring simple elegance to every table. In the 3rd photo, we adore the light pink roses in silver mercury glass, and Crystal Candelabras bring romance and ambience to every table. Construct tablescapes with reusable pieces and limit the number of live florals to keep more of your event budget available for wow! features like the floral bridge, and to keep your value as a professional event planner sky high and totally obvious.

In the 4th picture, a closeup of the candelabra shows the flameless candles that add light without significant heat or risk. We love this option for warm weather, child-friendly events, and anywhere that real flames are inadvisable.

An alternative table plan that would work well at this event shows how chandeliers on risers (last picture) provide a solid foundation for luxury centerpieces. Add live florals if the budget accommodates them, or ask us for creative topper ideas that will look great while keeping costs in check. Our Centerpiece Mirrors, including bedazzled, beveled ones like these, make excellent bases that will reflect the chandeliers’ sparkle and multiply the room’s light.

We usually look no further than social media for our daily dose of inspiration, as the work that our clients do with our event décor staples never ceases to amaze us. Whether you are looking to stand out in your local niche or to take your event design firm to the next level, the sky is the limit when you have a stock of high quality pieces that work together to make you look good week after week.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let the nicest customer service folks in the business show you why internationally known event designers depend on us for décor setups that range from 100% custom installations to core staples that they can sell time after time. We’re ready to treat you like a design star, and to make your bottom line and your budget shine with top quality pieces that work.
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