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Amazing Silver Chandeliers Reflect Light and Value

Amazing Silver Chandeliers Reflect Light and Value

Silver Chandeliers Amaze as Centerpieces at Daytime and Nighttime Events
When it comes to timeless utility players, there are few pieces that will work as hard for your clients as silver chandeliers. Available in an array of lengths and styles, we often see silver chandeliers of varying lengths on risers as eye-catching centerpieces, as in the 1st photo. Top them with abundant live florals if the budget permits, or add our gorgeous faux florals to complete a luxurious look that won’t wilt, doesn’t need water, and makes setup and breakdown as light and breezy as this lovely outdoor reception.

For large scale impact (and huge savings), very large silver chandeliers on risers (2nd photo) are fierce competitors in the centerpiece games. Notice the modest floral arrangement at the base of this oversized chandelier~ a few blooms or candles are all that you need to complete a well designed table because the reflective, reusable silver chandelier anchors the table effectively.

For a dramatic nighttime look (3rd photo), we adore the long lines of this dessert table centerpiece comprised of a row of silver chandeliers on risers. Bead Strands accent both ends of the table, and faux florals work perfectly in the hanging installation above the table. The designer’s skillful use of repeating horizontal and vertical lines in the tablescape as a whole makes the best possible advantage of the venue’s strong horizontal window treatments, taking the entire vision up a notch (or two or three).

Traditional Silver Chandeliers Add Wow! Factor to Wedding Receptions
In the 4th photo, our silver swirl chandeliers are easily installed in the ceiling to bring interest and drama to a hotel ballroom or other large event space. Highlight a key area by hanging several Chandeliers where the main events will occur, or space them throughout the event to tie together a luxury look that won’t break the bank.

At this reception, our swirl chandeliers look great against the Pipe and Drape that hides the ballroom walls. And we can’t help but notice that our Prestige line of candleholders is featured prominently at the banquet, echoing the chandeliers’ sparkle on the tabletops.

We are so impressed with the creativity of the people we work with, day in and day out, season after season. And when that creativity also means stress free installations and break downs and great return on décor investments, we really take notice.

So many of our products are prepared to work overtime for your business, and silver chandeliers are just one shining example. They are timeless, eye catching, versatile, and durable. They set up, break down, pack, and store easily and efficiently, and they work perfectly with everything from beads to live blooms to faux florals.

We would be thrilled to help you find the Next Big Product that will sell your setups over and over again while making you the first choice professional event designer in your area. Call the friendliest customer service folks in the event business at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you find the products that will suit your needs now and for many seasons to come.
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