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Luxury Floral Centerpieces Unmasked - Elegant Weddings

Luxury Floral Centerpieces Unmasked - Elegant Weddings

Floral Centerpieces of Collected Items

When you need an elegant centerpiece that is straightforward to assemble, includes mostly sustainable items, and facilitates conversation, a simple collected centerpiece is an excellent choice. With a mirror as the base and a ring of small candle holders, you"ll get lots of soft, reflected light and romance. Add a brooch and a small bouquet of live florals, and you have a lovely centerpiece that enhances the look of your reception without interrupting talk across the table or competing with the meal for space.

This mid-height vase and floral arrangement with brooch accent and a series of cylindrical candle holders work well on long tables, repeating the candlelight and romance theme while adding a bit of height. (We have to thank the fabulous Tamara of Tamara Wendt Design for continuing to inspire us with her innovative uses of our high quality pieces to create unique looks for her clients, week in and week out.)

Quick Links:

Centerpiece Mirrors

Brooches & Napkin Rings

Candle Holders


Tall Centerpieces Add Drama and Visual Interest at Upscale Receptions

Pairing tall vases, stunning florals, and crystal bead strands, Tamara again works her magic with show-stopping high florals. A true pro, Tamara knows how to maximize her brides" budgets by showing off lavish features like this centerpiece on a handful of key tables. The height of these florals gets them out of the way of conversation, making your reception interesting and fun for all of your guests while setting the scene for a truly luxurious experience.

Another example of an eye-catching centerpiece, this tablescape combines many reusable pieces with several lovely floral arrangements for an overall effect that is gorgeous. A tall vase, candles on stands, wine glass candle holders, and tabletop candle holders comprise a layered look that is synonymous with luxury.

Quick Links:

Eiffel Tower Vases

Crystal Bead Strands

Small Candle Holders

Floral Runner on Burlap: Rustic Elegance Incarnate

One of the cutting edge looks that marries modern and rustic elements is the floral runner. If your floral budget is flush, this centerpiece is fragrant and fabulous. Add burlap pieces to bring in the rustic elements easily, and repeat as your aesthetic and wallet allow ~ either on a few key tables, or on each one.

Quick Links:


Table Runners

We can"t say enough good things about the ways that professional event designers add value and general fabulousness to their weddings. By combining key reusable pieces with florals that fit the budget, brides get the best return for their reception dollars.

As we put the finishing touches on 2016, our friendly customer service folks are helping lots of small (and not-so-small) event design firms get last-minute orders placed and shipped in time for New Year"s Eve parties ~ not to mention taking advantage of busy season balance sheets to fund some tax deductible investments in core reusable Decor pieces before the end of the year.
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