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Does Your Wedding Have The Three Key Elements of a Luxury Event?

Does Your Wedding Have The Three Key Elements of a Luxury Event?

One of the most fun things about our biz is that we get to see everything from sky-is-the-limit events with multimillion dollar budgets to simple, heartfelt affairs that people put their heart and soul into personalizing. One of the takeaway lessons that weve noticed from our years of serving the industry at every level is that the most luxurious events ~ the ones planned by big names, often for big names, with big budgets, always have three key elements. And including these three Ls ~ light, layers, and leitmotif ~ in your event (whatever size or budget youre working with) will go a long way toward making your guests feel the excitement-mixed-with-awe that goes with attending a really stunning wedding.

The first element that we always see in luxury events is a sophisticated attention to and use of light. Often that means professional lighting to inject color and drama, but it can also mean positioning key parts of the event to take advantage of the best natural light, or adding well placed candles or LED Lighting, as in the 1st photo.

We love this example of amazing natural light (coming from a window to the left of the table), accented by two levels of Candelabras, in an already gorgeous venue. (The arc of florals and imaginative use of the space above the table are also great examples of the other two Ls, which kind of proves the point that these three elements together are the calling card of luxurious events.)

The 2nd photo illustrates a dramatic example of light from many suspended candles repeated as centerpieces throughout an evening event. This luxurious look is done with hanging votives and Bendable Trees in tall vases, creating a completely different but equally elegant event partly through the skillful use of light.

The second critical element that defines a luxury reception is layering as shown in the 3rd photo. Simply put, the most luxurious events stack elegant details vertically to take advantage of the synergy that comes from their sharing space. In this case, a layered whole really is greater than the sum of its parts. This elaborately lit buffet highlights the power of layering, in this case with Chandeliers ~ enhanced by beads and pendants ~ complimenting the tiered centerpieces. (Notice that the lighting is stunning as well.) The large mirrored cake table adds to the layering (with minimal cost) by reflecting the gorgeous display above.

Finally, (and well admit to consulting Mr. Thesaurus to keep the alliteration going), every luxury event has a leitmotif ~ a theme that unifies the event and ties it all together. As in the 4th photo, whether you weave Pink Blooms and bling through your big day, as seen in this gorgeous tablescape

Or plan a dream wedding inspired by the venues splendid ceiling and conveyed through clouds of Crystal Columns as in the final photo, every luxury event has a common thread that runs subtly through the decor, imbuing it with a sense of elegance and harmony.

Whether youre planning your own million dollar reception, or just want some pro tips to make sure that your slightly simpler affair looks like a million bucks, these three Ls ~ light, layers, and leitmotif ~ are key to making reality match your vision of luxury.
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