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Cake Table Bling|Working Your Decor Dollars

Cake Table Bling|Working Your Decor Dollars

One of the biggest misconceptions in event planning ~ and really in life ~ is that those with plush budgets care less about value. We find that at every budget level, our clients are absolutely motivated to get the best value from the money that they spend.

A trend that we’ve been seeing for years that we think is especially powerful for those who want to get the best value for their decor dollars ~ which, again, we think is everybody ~ is the cake table as a statement piece. It’s not just a place for the bridesmaids’ bouquets anymore.

In the main photo, going all out on the cake table is genius, really ~ every guest at the reception sees it, it plays a key role in events and photographs, and there is only one cake table, so even if you are going more minimalist on the rest of the tables at your reception, the cake table is an awesome place to splurge a bit ~ say, with Crystal Beaded Curtains, bead strands and crystals. Just hypothetically, of course.

Or (in the 2nd photo) with one delicate Chandelier to highlight the cake.

In the 3rd photo, again using the space above to highlight the cake(s), these crystal chandeliers, which are simple to pair with Light Saucers, inject luxury that will get lots of attention.

In the 4th photo, we can’t resist this light, airy approach with a simple Net Canopy to frame this pretty cake. (We can imagine that this idea would get props from guests at an outdoor reception, too ~ for practical, bug-repelling reasons as well as for aesthetics.)

In the final photo, you had us at purple beads but then throw in Crystal Columns and blingalicious candle holders, bead strands and we’re yours forever ~ a gorgeous modern cake is just the (ahem) icing on the design.

Whether you are working magic on every flat surface in your venue, or need to really wow in a few key areas, we think that the cake table is an outstanding opportunity to combine flavor, art, and design in a centerpiece for your entire event.
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