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Common Spending Mistakes|How Well Chosen Custom Details Stretch Your Wedding Budget

Common Spending Mistakes|How Well Chosen Custom Details Stretch Your Wedding Budget

You may have seen this infographic circulating around Facebook recently ~ it’s a great snapshot of recent brides’ thoughts about their own weddings. And it’s a great chance for brides-to-be to learn from their newly married sisters’ mistakes, and to make the most of their wedding budgets. If experience is the best teacher, why not let other brides’ experiences help you make the most of your dollars on your big day? Source: Huffington Post

We weren’t surprised with the statistics that photography and flowers were high on brides wish list of what they wished they'd spent more on but almost no one, just 2% of brides surveyed, regrets their decor dollars.

That’s really a great look at wedding planning in a nutshell ~ we help the best event designers in the business every day, and we truly believe that their work will help you get the most value from every dollar that you spend. And we can prove it with a sampling of details from a recent extravaganza produced by Fresh Affairs and photographed by James and Meridith Walters of Walters and Walters in Raleigh, North Carolina. (If you’re a regular reader, and we hope that you are, you might notice that we focused on tables and centerpieces from the same event last week ~ they are definitely good enough for two posts, and we have plenty more images to show you, too.)

For instance, setting the tone for your event with a custom entrance is an idea that we think not only ups your guests’ amazement quotient, but stretches your budget by making sure that your reception’s first impression is perfect. Let your friends and family know that you’ve thought of everything before they even find their table, and be sure that their first glimpse of your reception is a memorable one. In the 2nd photo, the entrance, designed by Fresh Affairs, features Crystal Bead Strands and Pendants, ornamental candle holders and a variety of Vases and votives in varying heights and styles. By the way ~ talk about making the most of your floral budget… An experienced professional knows how to get the most impact from every stem, in this case interspersing candles to add romance without adding to the bill.

Another example of details that give you great return for your investment ~ customized table linens as in the 3rd photo. With exquisite napkins and a bit of Diamond Wrap, you have a place setting that exudes elegance and attention to every guest. Whether you have a royal budget for table linens, or add this custom note to the venue’s tablecloths, you’ve set your soiree apart with a cost-effective accent.

The 4th photo is another example of a statement place setting, this time with color coordinated ribbon and Acrylic Beading Accents. We’re in love.

Finally, one of the most original treatments that we’ve ever seen for making a bridal bouquet a piece to remember ~ totally custom handles could include something borrowed or something blue, but they all bring the bling (last photo). Just another place where the skills that an expert designer brings to the table show in the details. (We’d love to see your bridal bouquet ~ we especially love ones that incorporate an heirloom handkerchief or pin with today’s trends.)

We so appreciate the power of good quality photography to convey the power of good design. Our thanks go out to James and Meridith Walters of Walters and Walters for these images, and to Fresh Affairs for the concepts and design captured in them. Take a page from the bridal survey, and let their experience be your teacher ~ good, classic wedding decor in the hands of a professional planner and photographer will be money well spent, and will leave you with no regrets.
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