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Mermaid Chrome Floral Riser Centerpiece w/ Removable Bowl - Silver - 24"

Item #: 144448
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Item Specifics
2 feet
8 inches
tabletop||floor standing
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Item Description
Memorable centerpiece designs start with a vision and with our new Silver Mermaid Centerpiece Vase and Riser, your dreams of creating stunning and unforgettable floral displays will become a reality! This shiny silver vase is 2" tall and the popular Mermaid shaped stem is ideal for weddings, receptions, anniversaries and special celebrations! The bowl on top has an inside measurement of 7 " at the top and it is 4" deep so there are many ways to create the vision you need!

At 2 feet tall, this distinctive vase makes wonderful floor Decor and outstanding table centerpieces! Add some tulle, an LED submersible light disc, some crystal strands or silk rose garlands for a simple, classy look. Float candles on top of jelly pearls or use LED flameless candles surrounded by colorful floral accents or container fill. Used as a riser on a table, this vase is an excellent height that won't interfere with your guests being able to see each other and the bowl is pretty sizeable so large floral bouquets with hanging stems look magnificent on top of this vase as do large pomander kissing balls and boxwood topiary balls. Whatever vision you have, ShopWildThings will work to make sure your dream becomes a reality!

There are no drain holes and the bowl is removable. You may have to lengthen the screw to attach the bowl. Gently peel back the bottom foam cover and unscrew the nut until it's at the tip of the screw or you might even have to remove several washers to gain enough height to attach the bowl.
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Mermaid Chrome Floral Riser Centerpiece w/ Removable Bowl - Silver - 24"
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