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Mixed Metal Aluminum Chain Beaded Curtain - "Kismet" (custom available!)

Item #: 999116
Item Specifics
3 feet
6 feet
34 strands
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Item Description
Aluminum Chain Beaded Curtains are fireproof, super hip, and provide an awesome backdrop or room divider for your home, store, restaurant and more! We searched through hundreds and hundreds of different strands of chain to pick our favorite shapes and styles and went to the trouble to have a ton of it made for us. Our intention was to create Metal Chain Curtains that would knock the socks off of our customers and we feel that these curtains absolutely answer that call.

The "Kismet" Metal Beaded Curtain is fabricated entirely in our Arizona warehouses here in the USA. Why do you care about that? Well, ShopWildThings is very proud to employ American workers and pay a good living wage. When you purchase from us, you are supporting our amazing fabricators, and their families. What's more, you'll get very high quality product. Our team is meticulous about quality.

The "Kismet" Metal Chain curtain features about 34 strands of Chain featuring 1 styles of chain with small oval circles that are about 1/2" long. The Kismet links are are delicate looking resulting is a dainty chain metal curtain. It will come to you on a 3 foot wide metal rod and each strand will be 6 feet long.

Since we make each of these curtains to order, we are able to make any length or size that you like. The price on this page is for you to order a 3' wide x 6' long curtain.

Would you like this curtain with another bead shape like Ball Chain or our Lynx Chains (available in a variety of colors) mixed in? We would be happy to make your design for you, or you can also check out the style that we've already created called "Cameo & Kismet". If you'd like your own design for your home, restaurant, retail stores....just let us know. We specialize in Custom Orders.

Want more Chain? Less Chain? Add Crystals? A totally different size? Want the top to be Bendable Metal or a Fabric Top? Want grommets? We can do anything. You can mix any of these chains with any of our other chains like Ball Chains or Lynx which are both available in a variety of colors. Just reach out to us and we will provide you with a Custom Quote.

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Mixed Metal Aluminum Chain Beaded Curtain - "Kismet" custom available!
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