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Edison String Lights - Metallic Turquoise Dipped G50 Bulbs - Indoor/Outdoor 10'

Item #: 890048
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Item Specifics
10 feet
G50, E12 Candelabra Base
Item Description
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Lighting can set the stage for your event whether it’s a formal occasion like a wedding or reception or an evening outdoors on the patio. Fabulous, fun lighting like our Bistro Metallic Turquoise String Light set is versatile enough to be used for everyday accent décor or as decorative upscale event lighting.

This strand of string lights is 10’ long and there are 10, G50 filament bulbs along the brown cord. There is a spare fuse included inside the plug and the base of each bulb has a strong plastic hook attached for secure, easy hanging. If you’re attaching to a metal door, frame or the grids in a drop ceiling, our Metal Hanging Hooks are very handy.

These glass Bistro globes are 2” in diameter and the top half is a light turquoise colored glass while bottom half has been ‘dipped’ in a shiny turquoise coating. This added touch of class gives this string light strand a refined, sophisticated look. The light is an intense warm white and the filament burns bright! One strand puts out a fair amount of light and if you need to cover a larger area, you can connect up to 3 sets (30’ total). Please note that these are not LED lights so they will get warm to the touch.

The metallic coating is a modish look that enhances indoor and outdoor areas. Outside, string through trees, light up garden areas, hang off balconies, decks, gazebos or string around the patio using the attached hanging hooks. These are ideal for lighting an outdoor café and they give an instant face lift to a bar, bedroom or rec room. The contemporary style complements the look of renovated warehouse apartments and roof patios. Try hanging them vertically for a unique focal point. Take your event or outdoor party to the next level with these ritzy, colorful accent lights!
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Edison String Lights - Metallic Turquoise Dipped G50 Bulbs - Indoor/Outdoor 10'
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