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Metallic Deco Mesh Ribbon, Apple Green With Metallic Foil - 4" x 25 Yds

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4 inches
75 feet
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Item Description
Decorative Metallic Mesh Ribbon 4" wide by 25 yards, Apple Green with Metallic Foil For Wreaths, Gift Wrapping, Holiday Decorating, Floral Décor, Centerpieces

Apple Green Deco Mesh Ribbon 4" x 25 Yards - Metallic Decorating Mesh is made with shiny foil strips throughout the material. Easily cut the fabric using scissors and create something beautiful in a snap! Each roll is 4" wide by 25 yards long by tons of fabulous ways to elevate projects!

This material is used in so many ways by both home consumers and event planners. At home, there are numerous projects like crafts, gift wrapping and holiday decorating where this beautiful metallic fabric would come in handy. It's pretty easy to create large bows to trim out a wreath or embellish a centerpiece vase.

For events, this material can be used in floral décor, tied into chair bows, used to decorate tables (as table runners too!). This fabulous material is known in the market under several names: Floral Wrap, Geo Mesh, Sinamay Mesh, and Decorating Mesh. You’ll find tons of projects and tutorials online showing step by step processes to build everything from amazing wreaths, bows and more.
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Metallic Deco Mesh Ribbon, Apple Green With Metallic Foil - 4" x 25 Yds
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