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Mini Pop Beaded Curtains, Chandeliers & Room Kits

Mini Pop Beaded Curtains, Chandeliers & Room Kits

Our Mini Pop crystal-cut beaded curtains and chandeliers from ShopWildThings are adding bold color and super-awesome sparkle to TV production sets, galas and private celebrations around the country. Warner Brothers Television used our Mini Pops faceted bead chandelier and matching curtains to dress up an episode of the hit show One Tree Hill.

These splashy curtains and chandeliers are available in bright combinations or oranges and reds, blues and greens or multiple pastel colors.

Disco ball-style faceting on each tiny premium acrylic crystal bead is our secret for extra sparkle on gorgeous beaded Mini Pop curtains. Each has 34 strands of sheer, non-iridescent beads per curtain rod. The curtain is 35 inches wide and 72 inches long. Your beaded curtain will arrive with the bead strands pre-assembled on the rod. Two metal eyelets atop each rod allow for easy hanging or placement using two nails or two hooks. Watch our fun video demonstrating how quickly you can install these curtains.
Matching Mini Pop crystal acrylic chandeliers include a UL-approved light kit. Watch our video demonstration showing you how to insert a light kit into a chandelier. You can use our versatile LED light saucers in venues without easy access to electrical outlets. The Mini Pop chandelier is 9 inches n diameter and hangs 13 inches. A 12-inch chain is included. Use a standard light bulb with the included lighting kit, which has a 9-foot cord.

  • 34 strands of round beads
  • Curtain dimensions: 35" x 72"
  • Chandelier dimensions: 9" x 13" w 12" chain
  • Custom orders always welcome
  • More de´cor in matching colors
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