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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  The Making of a Mirror Mandap, a Jaw-Dropping Gazebo or a Wonderful Wedding Arch
The Making of a Mirror Mandap, a Jaw-Dropping Gazebo or a Wonderful Wedding Arch

The Making of a Mirror Mandap, a Jaw-Dropping Gazebo or a Wonderful Wedding Arch

A Mirror Gazebo: The Making of an Amazing Wedding Ceremony Space

The mirror mandap goes by many names: gazebo, chuppah, arch, even tent… But don’t let the abundance of terms bog you down. Whatever you call it, our mirrored gazebo is one of the most innovative products we’re bringing to the U. S. this season, and we can’t wait to introduce you to this often envied, sometimes stolen from Instagram, but never really imitated ShopWildThings exclusive.

Traditional AND on trend, our mirrored wedding gazebo is a critical player in our lineup of jaw-dropping statement spaces that work indoors and outdoors, with live and faux florals, in every cultural setting ~ as long as that culture knows what’s next level.

We love it so much that we packed a mirror gazebo up on a trailer, built it from scratch on a golf course with a gorgeous backdrop of Arizona sunshine and purple mountain majesty, prettied it up even further with faux florals that you cannot, cannot, cannot tell were not just picked from said golf course, photographed it, and then broke it down and took it back to the warehouse.

What Your Staff Wants to Know: Setup and Breakdown of a Gazebo

We are convinced that the mirror gazebo is the next big look that brides will want from their professional event designers. We have tons of evidence, from legit statistics like the crazy numbers of early orders to street stats ~ like the number of times our Instagram images have been stolen and passed off as originals by our competitors. (Hint: a whole bunch.)

We know that selling this setup to your brides will be straightforward, but what about to your venues and your staff? Day of installs can make or break your reputation with other vendors and with your employees, and it’s all about finding products that have both the look and the quality that let you get a luxury look in place smoothly. And that’s another huge selling feature of our mirror gazebos.

Want proof? We literally took the boxes that our gazebos come in out to our local golf course, set four separate ones up, decorated each one with faux florals, photographed them, broke them down, and headed back to our warehouse. We could do it again tomorrow if we needed to, because the quality in each of our products is there for years of use. And because our staff is a) awesome and b) happy to work with this well built product.

Bonus points if you can find Katie in this picture helping the guys at our impromptu photo shoot ~ and if you like your facts checkable, you can find Katie all over our ShopWildThings website doing how to videos and product feature explanations, so you know this really happened. Not so the international Instagram image stealers. But we’re not (too) bitter, because these images are kind of swipe-worthy. That’s swipe right worthy, of course.

Do you want to position your brand as cutting edge and on trend? Do you want to offer brides a dramatic space for their wedding ceremonies while building a base of setups that you can use indoors, outdoors, and with a variety of décor and floral options? Do you want to add a single statement setup that you will sell over and over again this season?

Look no farther than our new mirror gazebo mandap chuppah awesomeness. Whatever you call it, you’ll be glad to have it in your arsenal of high impact, low stress décor for your weddings and events. And we have them in stock ready to ship now, along with several related products that we’re just as excited about.

To get yours now, give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us ship you one of the hottest items in new event décor, ready to set up, sell, and use immediately.

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