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Floral & Centerpiece Riser Mirrored Acrylic Pedestal Stands Set of 3 Plinths

Item #: 144690
Item Specifics
11 1/2 inches
31 1/2 inches
tabletop||floor standing||stackable
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Item Description
Set of 3 Mirrored Acrylic Risers For Floor Displays or Centerpiece Stands, Flip Over To Use as Vases, 31.5"H, 23.5"H and 15.75"H - Plinth Set

Is it just us or do mirrored items instantly catch the eye? Well our Set of 3 Mirrored Acrylic Risers certainly catch all the attention and along with their versatility and modern looks, they're a novel way to showcase centerpiece decor, delicacies and desserts or to use as floor display pedestals. The small riser is 15 3/4" tall by 9 3/4 square, the medium riser is 23 1/2" tall by 10 1/2" square and the large riser is 31 1/2" tall by 11 1/2" square. Display vertically, horizontally, stacked or flip them over and now you've got 3 stunning vases!

These column risers are mirrored inside and out for maximum effect and for ease of transportation and storage, they conveniently stack inside each other! Elevate Vases filled with floral arrangements, enhance the impact of tall candle holders or use these to highlight unique keepsakes. For an elegant and refined party presentation, use on a dessert, appetizer or drink table to feature your specialties. These platforms are excellent as retail display stands that can be used over and over and the clean, reflective quality of mirrors always draws the eye.

As vases, you can fill with Long Stemmed Flowers, decorative picks, peacock feathers or large ostrich plumes. Mirrored decor is always in style and these versatile, easy to transport, lightweight pedestal risers and vases will make the difference between an average display and a truly memorable one!
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Floral & Centerpiece Riser Mirrored Acrylic Pedestal Stands Set of 3 Plinths
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