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Myth Busters:  SWT gets Real about "Fake" Florals

Myth Busters: SWT gets Real about "Fake" Florals

Judicious ~ Not Judgy ~ Use of Faux Florals

The word "faux" can fancy up a lot of things, and silk florals' reputation could use a little burnishing, so here goes: Faux Florals Are Fabulous... In the right circumstances, with the right event designer AND the right florist working together for the client's benefit, faux florals are a hardworking, low-maintenance component of a top shelf event.

The key question when you're combining real florals with silks is to think like a guest. What will your guests see up close? For inspectable elements, we recommend springing for real florals if you can. Tabletop centerpieces, bouquets on shepherd's hooks along the aisle, and really anything with which guests can get closely acquainted should be done with real flowers if your budget allows it. If you need to economize on these arrangements, protect your client's bottom line by going with in season blooms, adding less expensive filler flowers, or alternating smaller centerpieces with larger ones.

When flowers will sit far away, will grace the floor, or will hang overhead, great quality silk florals are an affordable alternative to the real thing that sacrificesÉ well, frankly nothing in terms of look, effect, or general fabulousness. And a professional event designer should be able to supply faux florals straight from their stock of reusable, sustainable Decor for a great price.

Floral Chandeliers are Job One for Silk Flowers

Gorgeous floral chandeliers are fast becoming THE statement piece at receptions, and silk florals have never been so in demand as a budget maximizing option. Coincidence? We think not. Professional event designers know that good quality silks provide the same (not similar, not almost as good, but the SAME) effect as real blooms in a floral chandelier. At a fraction of the cost, with some environmentalist points thrown in for free, and with zero chance of wilting during the event.

Floral walls are another application where the fake stuff is just as effective and soooooo much less expensive. If your guests dart down the aisle or around the cake table to touch your floral wallÉ Well, people don't really do that. So don't worry about it. Just enjoy the look of a lush floral wall and the jingle of money in your pocket, because you'll have both. And that's our favorite kind of trade-off ~ the kind where you don't give anything up, and you get something amazing. Like steak instead of chicken, or a designer dress instead of a not designer dress.

Because in the end, the proof is in the pictures. Faux florals are not for low budget affairs. The reality is that every client has a budget, and every client wants the most for the money that she spends. Live floral chandeliers and floral walls are HUGE budget items, and in most cases, they don't make sense when faux florals provide the same guest experience at a fraction of the cost.

That money that you saved can go toward the dress, the food, the desserts, the band, or any number of other top shelf event items that the guests WILL appreciate.

Where NOT to go Faux

Just as there are great places to go faux, there are some key places NOT to skip the real florals, if you can afford them. Tabletop arrangements and aisle lining florals are two places that we recommend going with real florals if you possibly can. When guests will have the time and the opportunity to gave lovingly at your flowers up close and personal, real is the way to go for look, smell, and overall effect. The sheer variety and creativity that an experienced florist brings to the table (ha) enhances the guest experience exponentially, so we simply recommend targeting those assets where they do the most good.

Let Us Help!

We kind of love working with real human designers to give life to their grand visions. Let us help you select the balance of real and faux florals and the "helping pieces" that will make you a hero to every client, on every type of budget.

We pride ourselves on being problem solvers, on stocking the very best event Decor products in the industry at competitive prices, and on helping our customers reach new levels of creativity in their events.

Give our friendly customer service folks a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you find the florals and other Decor products that will take your business to the next level.
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