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Iridescent "Honeycomb" Expandable Party Decorations

Iridescent "Honeycomb" Expandable Party Decorations

NeoIris honeycomb-style chandeliers, garlands and hanging pendants from ShopWildThings have iridescent finishes that reflect a rainbow of colors that change as you move or when you modify a room's lighting. NeoIris is a polymeric film with a bright gloss and superior resistance to tears. The film reflects yellows, blues, greens, reds and purples to create a dramatic color show for any special event. They look lighted from inside, but they're not. These fixtures really are extraordinary.

This item is shipped folded flat. The honeycomb style means that you can simply unfold them to create their three-dimensional shape for hanging. Each NeoIris collapsible chandelier comes with a monofilament loop. To assemble, release the monofilament line, and fasten the two ends together with Velcro closures. It's that simple.

View & Order ShopWildThings Honeycomb "Chandeliers" below, or see our entire HUGE Chandelier Collection HERE!

Our lightweight Celestia chandelier is 24 inches in diameter and 3 feet long with a 5-inch monofilament loop attached for easy hanging. Dazzle guests with NeoIris pendants that can be dangled from the ceiling or used to create color-catching centerpieces. We carry strands and starburst designs with iridescent coatings. The Saturn garland with a spiral cutout design opens to a 15-foot length.

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