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Sparkling Accessories Light Up Nighttime Ballroom Receptions

Sparkling Accessories Light Up Nighttime Ballroom Receptions

Pre-Reception Photo Captures the Approaching Magic of a Chandelier, Crystal Column and Candle Studded Wedding

Tamara Wendt excels at customizing event spaces from country clubs to outdoor venues to cavernous hotel ballrooms like this one. Using well chosen, large scale pieces (main photo) like diamond crystal columns Tiered Chandeliers to add interest and sparkle to the blank canvas of a large hotel ballroom, Tamara creates a magical wedding wonderland once the room lights are dimmed.

Skeptical? Check out this chandelier (2nd photo) comprised of Bead Curtains highlighting the couple’s first dance, and note the way that the suspended chandeliers and columns pop against the black “night sky” in the background.

In the 3rd photo, we love this close up image of a Crystal Column from below. Every color of the rainbow is visible in this creative image, and it gives a taste of the glamour and flexibility that our products bring to every event. You can even add one of our light discs at the top of the column for an affordable alternative to professional lighting.

Sparkling Accessories Complete this Upscale Reception Look

Once the large décor pieces have done the job of setting the mood and transforming a nondescript ballroom into a starry nightscape, our Sparkling Centerpieces & Tabletop Accessories finish the job by serving as finishing touches on tables, as in the 4th photo.

Offer your brides setups that include cake table options to attain instant credibility and great ROI. Our gorgeous Cake Stands are complemented by our popular Prestige line of candle holders to create crystal studded tablescapes in this important area.

Easily customized with linens, always accenting (and never upstaging) the cake itself, the cake table décor is an effective place to show off your design muscle in a much watched, often photographed, immediately publicized element of the reception.

Candles and oversized vases are two more accessories that are worth their weight in design gold (or silver) when it comes to stretching brides’ budgets and maximizing visual impact.

As in the final photo, we love Oversized Vases that float blooms above the conversation while sitting surrounded by wine stem vases and floating candles. Add crystal beads swagged to soften the vases’ lines, throw in some diamond bling wrap and brooches, and you have truly thought of everything to impress your guests.

When you’re ready to invest in staple pieces that will make large, nondescript ballrooms come alive; when you need tabletop décor that will stay on trend and in great shape for many seasons; when you’re ready to design setups that sell over and over again without looking dated or stale… Give the friendliest customer service folks in the event business a call at 1-928-855-6075. We are waiting to help you select, order, and have shipped the pieces that will form a new profit center and a new category of bride favorites to elevate your business and your brand this season.
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