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COMING SOON! Super Premium Double Sided Silk Delphinium Garland - 8' Orchid Pink

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Item Specifics
4 inches
8 feet
bend||hang||extra long
Item Description
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Our Pink Delphinium Garland is 8 Feet Long and covered in super-premium silk flowers. You can hang them alone or in a grouping for a plush look. The main photo shows 6 garlands hanging next to each other. The other images show samples of what you can do with our garlands including what the super-talented Preston Bailey did by using a riser (try out our White Upsy Daisy Riser or our Chrome High Rise) in the center of the table. Then hang a mixture of our Garlands of any kind with some Crystals and you've got a centerpiece that will be the talk of your event.

Flowers actually stimulate our senses, improve our outlook and enrich our surroundings but real flowers are costly and challenging to work with when planning an event, especially an outdoor event. Having exquisite decor that doesn't break the bank isn't impossible - simply start with our premium quality floral products and you'll save time and money while creating a memorable floral paradise!

Our Double Sided Premium Silk Delphinium Flower Garland is a gorgeous shade of Orchid with touches of ivory and green in the center. This garland is a full 8' long by 4" wide and it's completely flexible. Curve down the center of a table for quick yet stunning decor or combine with super flexible Fairy String Lights for a dazzling centerpiece. Each flower is over 3" in diameter and since the blooms surround the vine, this garland is perfect for creating overhead hanging gardens where the flowers need to be seen from all sides.

For weddings, parties and special events or for everyday enjoyment, simply hang from any overhead structure like a trellis, pavilion, gazebo, pergola or event tents. This beautiful shade of orchid really enhances wedding arches and provides a stylish backdrop for photos. Since the garland is completely flexible, it creates a fabulous drape or swag effect for balconies, table fronts, ceilings or to outline doors and windows. For drop ceilings, use magnet hooks on the metal strips and swag this garland across the room. Add to the romantic ambience by hanging Clear Glass Candle Holders or Sparkling Crystal Ornaments.

Always gorgeous, vibrant and romantic, use our 8' long artificial Delphinium Garland to create that luxurious floral paradise you've always envisioned without breaking the bank or causing you grief. This orchid colored garland matches our Delphinium Waterfall Garland and our tall Delphinium Spray.
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COMING SOON! Super Premium Double Sided Silk Delphinium Garland - 8' Orchid Pink
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