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Outdoor Lighting|The Key to Dramatic Receptions

Outdoor Lighting|The Key to Dramatic Receptions

Indoor-outdoor fusion is here to stay. With everything from cozy outdoor living rooms where patios used to be to high tech outdoor lounges that are becoming standard in executive homes, we think this trend is simply a case of people's knowing a good things when they see it. Seamless indoor-outdoor transitions are a trend with staying power in wedding receptions as well, and the #1 key to making your outdoor event space a natural extension of your indoor areas is the lighting ~ backed up by fabulous Decor that bridges the gap between your event spaces.

We are totally digging this oceanside retreat. It's hard to top the natural scenery, so a great designer accents the space's best feature ~ the ocean ~ to create an integrated indoor-outdoor space. Get this look with garden stools and hanging lanterns, grab a martini and relax with your fabulous view of Mother Nature's glory. Whether you're creating a cocktail hour setting at your wedding or are lucky enough to have this view from your own home, we love the way that this design highlights the breathtaking natural setting.

Perfect to set the mood for an outdoor party or wedding reception, paper lanterns lit with super safe LEDs fill a large space with warm light, adding a romantic element that is only enhanced as the night sky darkens. Add string lights for a layered effect, and even a cloudy night feels like it is lit by stars. We love the counterpoint of Candles anchoring the centerpieces, too ~ totally romantic, totally doable and scalable for any size budget and space. (For even more reflected light, use mirrors under your centerpieces ~ the interplay of the candles and the paper lanterns will add drama and movement to your event.)

Finally, how much more glamorous an entrance can you make than one through a glittering beaded curtain or Mirror Strands clipped to create a custom doorway/secret passage/door of awesomeness? Simple, elegant candles in tall vases line the walkway, leading your guests into a dramatic space defined by fabulous lighting, fabulous feathers, and (of course) fabulous bead curtains.

We would love to give you some advice about how to make our indoor/outdoor Decor solutions work for you. Give us a call at 928-855-6075 and talk to one of our in-house customer service experts. They work where our products are ~ right in our own warehouse, ready to ship ~ and they will be glad to help you figure out what products will give you the effect you crave on the budget you're sticking to.
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