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Are You Ready to Host a Killer Outdoor Graduation Party?

Are You Ready to Host a Killer Outdoor Graduation Party?

With cap and gown pics from preschool to grad school floating across social media at lightning speed and graduation announcements in our mailbox every day, we know that graduation party season is officially upon us. If you're getting ready to fete a grad, or just want to throw a killer summer party, we have some insider tricks to share. we'll help you transform a ho hum backyard into a killer party venue on a budget, and we'll bet that some of the Decor will stay long after the party clean-up has ended.

One of the key challenges of an outdoor party is setting the scene without spending a fortune. To tackle this design challenge, start with the "bones" of your backyard (meaning what's already there that you can work with) and mix in a few key Decor elements to add plenty of color and pop without a high price tag.

We love this adorable picture wrapped tree, starring Burlap or Jute Ribbon, clothespins, and photos of your graduate. And if you have a tree as awesome as this one, we'll bet it's actually *in* some of your family photographs.

Balloons are the epitome of high impact, low cost Decorating solutions, and they're perfect for a graduation party. Paired with simple table runners, some neutral burlap accessories and no maintenance Succulents, you'll have simple, affordable tablescapes that will wow your guests. (Coordinating sodas are genius.)

For a custom graduation pennant that is meaningful and easy on your wallet, choose pennant triangles ready to be stenciled, painted or fabric penned with your grad"s class year, name, school, etc. This homemade photo area shows how nicely some visually interesting details can be combined in a large area to create a photo space, cake table, or focal point on a budget. We also love the high impact and easy workability of Foam or Paper Flowers.

Paper Lanterns are another high impact, low cost solution for a large space, and we love the idea of stringing them over the pool or yard to add color and fun to your entire outdoor party. Make the transition from afternoon to evening by adding LED lights for a safe, pretty lighting solution.

For an evening suspended from a tree make a great backdrop for your dance area, and they are another way to Decorate a large space with a statement item that doesn't cost a lot. (And the light strands are reusable!)

We are looking forward to making the rounds of backyard barbecues, roasts and general to do"s to celebrate this years" class and in the mean time, we enjoy sprinkling a little Decorating fairy dust here and there. We hope that you can put some of these ideas to work to make your graduate"s day very special.
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