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Pastel Decor

Pastel Decor

Create charming settings in pastel colors for birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, spring galas or backyard celebrations with pastel Decor and lighting from ShopWildThings. Spring-themed events get a pop of posh with these pastel event accessories in today's hottest color scheme.

Design a dazzling setting for formal affairs or stage sets with our iridescent chandeliers that sparkle with rainbows of soft colors and light. Let mirrored bead backdrops capture and reflect the twinkling colors.

We have darling Under the Sea cake and cupcake holders in pastel pinks, pale yellows, light blues and soft greens. Shop our pixie and twinkle iridescent party pendants in pastel shades. Event planners say our festive pastel color string lights and never-deflate balloons are among their backyard occasion favorites.تتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتت

Create a fun look at home or a backdrop for summer retail displays with our shimmering beaded curtains in iridescent pastels. Our video tutorials demonstrate how easy it is to hang or place our bead curtains.

Watch our how-to video on colorful submersible Acolyte Floralyte LED lights that can be used to illuminate floral arrangements or centerpieces. Place these battery-operated lights in a clear vase with our clear or pastel-color water jelly pearls for an eye-catching tabletop decoration.

  • Easy-hang pastel lanterns and chandeliers feature an iridescent coating for a chic and shiny finish
  • Never-deflate balloons are constructed from high-quality plastic for a permanent table display
  • Pastel glitter tape comes in a wide variety of sizes
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