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Paper Straws - Several Patterns & Colors
Paper Straws - Several Patterns & Colors

Make your party pop with our colorful paper drinking straws at ShopWildThings. It's a fun, easy way to add a colorful twist to a children's party, barbecue or poolside get-together. These paper straws will add a cool, retro touch to grownup cocktail parties, too. We carry polka-dot paper straws and paper straws with zigzag and striped patterns. Mix up your colors and drinking straw patterns, or pair them with our coordinating paper treat bags.

These colorful straws can be used to perk up desserts or create fun centerpieces, especially with our paper lanterns hanging overhead. Remember how much fun it was to twirl a straw in a milkshake or cola? Create a splash with these awesome straws sold in 10-packs for mixed drinks and wine coolers, too. Our awesome customers like to stock up on extras for picnics, road trips, kids' slumber parties, backyard birthday bashes, vacation homes and beach houses. Shop all our casual party accessories. We're America's favorite source for fun party accessories.

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