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"Princess" Canopy - White

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Item Description
This pretty Princess Mosquito Net Bed Canopy is even fit for a QUEEN! Place it at the head of the bed (suitable for any size bed) and drape it softly around the front. You can even use these nets in fun and unexpected places like outdoors or in a playroom to make a reading corner! These also look wonderful around cribs and toddler beds. Simply hang the canopy centered above the bed!

This Netting is made of TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane)s treated polyester (40g/m2 grade which is the highest grade not just for decorative, it is a fully functional insect shield with a mesh of 156 per square inch), TPUs offer superior physical properties which include high tensile strength, outstanding abrasion and tear resistance and excellent resistance to oils, fuels, solvents, and chemicals. Non Flammable. Ring is made of foldable PVC Ring (Not Rattan), so it won't crack and can be easily stowed (folded size 8"x 9"x2") and lightweight (make it much easier to hang than rattan). All seams and cuffs are Triple stitched!

Height: 8'2"

Ring Diameter: 25"

Bottom Circumference: 39 Feet!
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"Princess" Canopy - White
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