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Item #: 143023
Item Specifics
16 inches
52 inches
bendable||real look
Item Description
Classy and elegant, the exotic look of orchids can elevate any floral arrangement and turn centerpiece designs from acceptable to AWESOME! Now you can easily fill a large area with our new White Phala Orchid Garland Spray that's 52" long and full of striking full blooms! From garden parties to weddings and special events, we all want to create that floral wonderland that our guests will be talking about and this dangling white spray with green leaves will help make that dream a reality!

Orchids are one of the most extraordinary gifts that nature gave us to appreciate and the natural look, texture and feel of the petals mimic this glorious flower. There are 7 stems connected to 1 stalk and the stems range from 14" long to 46" long. The stalk is 6" long so the entire length is 52" or 4 1/4 feet! The blooms are 2 1/2" to 3" in diameter and the silky white petals surround a light yellow center. Each stem has several leaves that add a nice green contrast and the tips form into new growth buds.

All the stems are bendable so you can twist and position them as you wish. With the stems somewhat spread out, this spray can cover a 16" width but you can spread it out wider or condense it for a fuller look - it's your choice! You can bend the stems and they'll retain that position so you can easily turn this into a much shorter spray. Lots of options!

By simply bending the longest 2 strands in half, it's an instant bridal bouquet! Other ideas: create a centerpiece by laying it down the center of a table intermingled with flameless LED candles, hang from overhead frames like Giverny, add depth and beauty to a wedding arch, trellis or shepherds' hooks, insert into the holes on top of a wedding pillar column, cascade down a wall or from banisters and railings, fold the stems into a vase to create an upright floral display or use a tall mermaid or hurricane vase and let the full length of the flower strands flow down the outside of the vase. Any way you choose, this gorgeous White Orchid Spray will exude elegance at your next event!
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Orchids - Silk Phala Spray - Natural Look White Orchids - 52" - Phalaenopsis
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