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Bubble Drops Beaded Curtain - Pink Iridescent - 35in x 6ft

Item #: 85178519
Item Specifics
35 inches
6 feet
34 strands
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Item Description
Pink Acrylic Beaded Curtain 34 Strands Iridescent Pink Backdrop 35In Wide by 6Ft Long Decorative Door and Wall Covering

Our Pink Iridescent Bubble Drops Curtain is doubly bubbly and fun, fun, fun with multi-sized shiny beads and a scalloped bottom edge! This ready to hang curtain backdrop comes on a matching pink rod with 2 eyelets and it is 35" wide. There are 34 strands and the bottom of the curtain has a chevron pattern with the strand lengths varying from 66 1/2" long to 72" long. Since these beads are fused to the strands, you can cut or trim them as you wish without damaging the product and it is very easy to walk through without getting tangled. The pearly coating on the beads truly make them look like real bubbles!

This heavy-duty acrylic beaded curtain is a perfect addition to anyone who adores pink, or just needs a splash of fun and pop of color! Use in place of regular doors, closet doors or behind a bed as a headboard to add the illusion of height to any room! For areas you don't necessarily want or need a regular door, beaded curtains make a wonderful option, giving an open feel which tends to make a room look larger. For a stage or photo backdrop, or to use at dances and parties, these are the decorations you want because they're super lightweight at 2.8 lbs. and literally hang in about 2 minutes. If you have a drop ceiling with metal framework or a metal doorframe, attach 2 Magnet Hooks, hang the curtain and you're done! It doesn't get much easier than that to add some bubbly fun to your life!
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Bubble Drops Beaded Curtain - Pink Iridescent - 35in x 6ft
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