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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Pink, Sparkling & Fabulous Decor Set the Tone for a Luxurious European Wedding
Pink, Sparkling & Fabulous Decor Set the Tone for a Luxurious European Wedding

Pink, Sparkling & Fabulous Decor Set the Tone for a Luxurious European Wedding

Bead Curtains Are Sparkly Utility Players
Bead curtains are one of our most popular, versatile, and all around fabulous event Decor items, and it's really no wonder. They are a snap to set up and to take down, and bead curtains work well for so many different applications that you'll wonder how you got along with just a few of them. Or, if you're about to place your first bead curtain order (can this be?), prepare to be inspired by all of the options that await you.

In the main photo, this ceremony space is deceptively simple. Bead Curtains are an unparalleled option when you have a gorgeous outdoor setting. They focus attention on the bride and groom while allowing guests to drink in the view as well. Accented here with metal pipes and copious florals, bead curtains provide just enough romance and sparkle to complete the ceremony space while allowing the cityscape to shine. And because our beads are linked by high quality jump rings, you can achieve the flutter edge effect shown here simply by removing beads as needed so that strands are staggered in length. Add our Project Helping Tools to make install and tear down even easier, too.

A Cake Table that "Floats" on Bead Curtains
We are still swooning over this bead curtain cake table skirt (2nd photo). With square diamond crystal columns on either end and a bead curtain in the middle, this cake table skirt is the base for a tableau that has wow! factor for days. The script initials, floral wall, and mirrors complete the dazzling and much photographed centerpiece of this luxe wedding reception.

And we really can't emphasize enough how staggering the bead strands" lengths adds sophistication and style to this design. If every strand were one length, the effect would be just okay ~ but not truly custom. But with our top quality products and a top shelf designer"s vision, these pieces truly transform the wedding reception. And again, because the beads attach with simple jump rings, the decision to shorten them is a temporary one ~ it's just as easy to reattach strands for future use in other venues.

Chandeliers as Centerpieces = Pretty in Pink
Whether you hand craft each centerpiece from Crystal Bead Strands and Ornaments, or you put an elegant centerpiece on a riser and stagger the edges, tall centerpieces comprised of crystals and blooms are tough to beat (3rd & 4th photos). We can't help but point out the seamlessness with which the ballroom and the event Decor unite, and echoing the room chandeliers" crystals with our own crystals are key to that marriage.

we're happy to help you source hard-to-find items, including pink everything. Or, choose clear or iridescent beads and ornaments and add lighting to add color for individual events. Either way, your guests will be bowled over by this winning combination of sparkling centerpieces and copious live blooms.

And don't forget to multiply the effect with Centerpiece Mirrors to reflect all that light and fabulousness into the room.

Whether you love what you see and are ready to add these pieces to your design warehouse, or you love these looks and need some advice about how to make your vision a reality, our friendly customer service folks are waiting to help.

Call us at 1-928-855-6075, and we will guide you through all things crystal and fabulous. We look forward to working with you as you establish your own reputation as a top designer in your area, and there"s no better place to start than by offering brides truly innovative design at prices that show the real value of working with a pro.

We know that your reputation IS your business, and we specialize in sourcing top quality products that look great season after season so that we can help you stand out from the crowd. We will help you provide the best looks and the best value, and we'll do it through old fashioned friendly customer service. We look forward to helping you make your next event your most memorable yet!
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