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Pink Accessories for a Picture Perfect Pink Party

Pink Accessories for a Picture Perfect Pink Party

Whether your tastes run more toward Pinkalicious or Fancy Nancy, Shabby Chic Vintage or Blinged Out Bedazzled, one of the most versatile party themes is a favorite color that you can build Decor, food, and favors around. For impact on a budget, choose table dressing, balloons, Paper Lanterns and a few other key (large) pieces to set the tone, and then supplement with some swanky details like paper straws and chic little favor bags. If you're into repurposing your party stash and have a little bigger budget, we love it when mamas choose a splurge piece or two, like a chandelier or a bead curtain, use it as a party prop or backdrop, and then incorporate it into a bedroom or play space when the party"s over.

So whether your upcoming soiree is a five-year-old"s birthday party or a breast cancer fighting celebration, you can't go wrong with a pink theme and lots of pops in shades from cotton candy to fuchsia. (And if pink isn't your thing, click Your Favorite Color to see lots of options in *your* preferred hue.)

This Shabby Chic Party with styling and photography by Louise Sanders shows exactly how alluring a table set almost entirely in pink can be. Sweet, romantic, and classic.

So without further adieu, here"s a sampling of our favorite pink pieces ~ just waiting to make their new home in your little (or big) girl"s next party (room?). For a great deal, select a Room-in-a-Box Kit and then think outside the box ~ use the pieces as party props-to-be-turned-room-Decor once the party"s over. Provide scrapbooking paper, washi glitter tape, and pink rhinestone stickers as a combo craft + favor that is sure to delight the bling-loving crowd. Or just go crazy with paper party straws, favor bags, and pale pink lanterns for a to-die-for vintage party.

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