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Pipe and Drape Valance Hanger for Extra Crossbars Pro Series 3"

Item #: 183009
Item Specifics
3 inches
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Item Description
Professional Grade Pipe and Drape Valance Hanger for Wedding and Event Chuppahs, Gazebos and Backdrop Kits, 3" Heavy Duty Metal Supports Hook Into Upright Poles to Hold an Extra Crossbar for Layering Drapes, Sheers Beaded Curtains or Light Curtains

Sold individually.

When one layer of drapery just isn't creating the look you desire on your pipe and drape backdrop or gazebo, simply hook on some valance hangers, add a crossbar and drapery or sheers and wow! What a difference adding another layer can make! These hangers are 3" long, super heavy duty and have notches that hook onto the cutout on pipe and drape uprights to support an additional crossbar. These valance hangers are the secret behind 2 Tier Backdrops.

Some venues don't exactly have the most attractive walls or there's a feature here and there that really needs covered up (aka what are they thinking?). Sheers or very thin curtains may not do the trick, yet you like the look of sheers. So by adding another crossbar, you can hang Poly Premier Drape Panels on the back crossbar and hang the sheers on the front one. Or hang sheers on both crossbars for an elegant, layered look that you can swag and tie back to create a soft, flowy backdrop.

Fabric top diamond beaded curtains behind a sheer curtain create a beautiful sparkling backdrop or in front of poly curtains, hang an LED Light Curtain to create a starry night effect.
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Pipe and Drape Valance Hanger for Extra Crossbars Pro Series 3"
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