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Coming Soon - Decorative Martini Glass - 12" Plastic - Set of 4 - Fillable Stem!

Item #: 800194
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9 1/4 inches
12 inches
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Water Pearls - Jelly Decor - Water Crystal Beads - <B>Large Beads</B> Makes 1.5 Gallons (10 Colors Available)Water Pearls - Jelly Decor - Water Crystal Beads - Large Beads Makes 1.5 Gallons (10 Colors Available)
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Start your party with some cocktails! Large decorative cocktails, that is! Our new Plastic Martini Glass Set just says FUN so get your creative juices flowing and use this set of 4 glasses to accentuate any party or get together you're having! From theme parties and events to wedding celebrations and bar decorations, there's so much you can do with this 12" tall Decor set and the popular Martini Glass Design is perfect for any occasion! Each glass comes in 3 pieces which fit snuggly together so the glass is very stable but it's also very portable and convenient to store. The bowl on each glass is 9 1/4" wide by 5 1/2" deep.

As a centerpiece vase, use colored water and toss in a white LED submersible light to create a giant lighted martini or try waterproof LED Ice Cubes or a color changing submersible light. Water jelly pearls look fantastic in these glasses and you could add DazzLED Fairy Firefly Pearls or even live flowers. Float round or rose shaped LED candles, use clear or colorful diamond confetti or colored sand and shells.

These glasses are also fantastic for buffets and entertaining. Fill with candy or snacks, use as a napkin & silverware dispenser, create a giant fruit bowl, use for shrimp cocktail or to hold condiments and salad toppingsƒyou get the idea! Another feature is that the height gets it off the table so there's plenty of room for other dishes. LOTS and LOTS of ways to incorporate these amusing oversized Martini Glasses into your festivities!

The stem is fillable but does NOT go into the cup. SOOOO you can have different materials (and colors!!) in the glass and in the stem. We love the idea of using jelly Decor or Diamond Confetti here!
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Coming Soon - Decorative Martini Glass - 12" Plastic - Set of 4 - Fillable Stem!
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