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Pole Cover 20' White

Item #: 172006
Item Description
Our 20" Poly Premier Pole Cover will add that luxurious look that will take your event from special to over-the-top! Poly Premier is a polyester fabric used in quality drapery, fine tablecloths and it totally enhances the look of pipe and drape set ups and backdrops. The finish is flat (not shiny) and this fabric has the look and feel of linen with the durability that professional event planners rely on. For weddings, events, trade shows, graduations and special presentations, you can count on this resilient cover over and over.

This marvelous fabric will totally disguise the hardware poles while giving an upscale appearance and the crisp, white finish makes any display complete and elegant. This cover is open on one end which easily slides over the pole. If you're using these poles with the cross-bars to hold our round or square crystal columns, you will need to cut tiny slits in the pole cover to accommodate the cross-bars. We suggest that before you insert the cross-bars, place the cover on the pole, feel where the slots on the pole are and make small slits. This will insure the slits on your cover align to where the cross-bars will go.

Perfect your display with this easy to work with, washable pole cover. You can dry on low heat but please avoid over-drying.
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Pole Cover 20' White
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