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Our Favorite Things ~ Poppin' Tissue (Paper Poms)

Our Favorite Things ~ Poppin' Tissue (Paper Poms)

We admit a tiny little situation in which we love to hear “Thrift Shop” on the radio (we hit a record three times in 30 minutes last weekend while kickin’ it old school with the actual take-what-you-get car radio), while we are just the slightest bit embarrassed to get so much enjoyment from a song with… well, where to start?

But we like to save money by scoring good deals, and we choose to believe that that is the moral of the story (song). And that’s one heck of a catchy saxophone line.

One of the best deals we’ve found lately in wedding and party decor is the Tissue Paper Pom. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and great for adding pops of color (sorry, we couldn’t resist) to your venue, whether you are planning a wedding, a party, or a shower. If you have a tight turnaround to switch a space from ceremony to reception, or to be out so that the next event can take place, our poms are also a serious time saver because you can store them until you are ready to set up, and not worry about their sagging from humidity or sea spray before the Wedding March is played.

Whether you are getting married outdoors or need to define a ceremony space in a larger room, tissue paper poms are a lovely way to add a light, airy touch that still brings bold color to your event.

Need a wedding arch that is pretty and photogenic? Again, we love the way that a little creativity can save a lot of cash AND create the perfect frame for your I-dos.

Incorporating poms along the aisle unifies a large outdoor space while allowing the landscape to remain the primary decor.

In the 2nd photo, we love the height and interest that poms add to the food table at this party ~ a pretty, budget-friendly way to add visual interest and to highlight the favors and goodies. (We think that some Bead Strands would be a nice touch here, too, and would totally take your cake table from day to night.)

For lack of a better word, we’ll call these pom-kebobs (3rd photo). Another do-able, high impact decor idea that’s achievable on a modest budget and perfect for a cake, present, or candy table.

So whether you’re dressing your event in all pink (except your shoes), or simply need splashes of color quickly and easily, tissue paper poms fill a niche in wedding and party decor better than any other budget-friendly solution we’ve seen.
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