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Puzzle Lamps - Jigsaw Chandeliers

Puzzle Lamps - Jigsaw Chandeliers

ShopWildThings has long been interested in offering these fantastic lamps to customers, but not until recently have we been able to finally locate a manufacturer that produces these polycarbonate pieces to the quality level that our customers expect. We hope that you'll agree.

Few things add to the ambience of a room the way a puzzle lamp does. At ShopWildThings, we know how important it is to have unique, innovative Decor ; that's why we carry a wide variety of jigsaw lights that you can use at your next event. These puzzle lamps are eco-friendly and feature rich, distinctive colors that you won't find anywhere else, and the best part is that they are true to the original design by Holger Strom, who won many awards for it in 1972. You can use the instructions, which are included with each lamp, to create more than 20 different shapes; you'll have a completely customized puzzle lamp (or two, or three) that meet your needs.

At ShopWildThings, we carry these fantastic jigsaw lights in a whole rainbow of colors. You'll find bright white, deep and rich red, and attention-grabbing blue. We also have many neon colors, so you can create the perfect lightscape for nearly any event. Whether you are planning a formal gathering, such as a wedding or charity auction, or you are hosting something simple for your family and close friends, you will find the perfect puzzle lamp at ShopWildThings.

We also carry these show-stopping lamps in four sizes. While each kit comes with 30 polycarbonate pieces and complete instructions, the pieces are cut to create differently sized lamps. Our medium lamp is 5 inches; the large is 6.5 inches. The extra-large lamp measures 8 inches and the extra-extra-large is 10 inches. Many of our customers create a truly unique look by combining sizes when they hang them for display. In addition, we carry light bulb filters in several colors; adding one to the bulb you're using in a puzzle lamp creates a stunning effect that intensifies the color exponentially.

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