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Quinceanera Cake Decoration Ideas

Quinceanera Cake Decoration Ideas

Quincea–era Cake Envy ~ How To Inspire It

Sparkling backdrops for quincea–era cakes take top shelf fifteenth birthday celebrations to the next level with bead curtains, diamond bling wrap, crystal cake stands, and centerpiece risers.

Setting the Stage for a Fab Dessert Display

There are some must haves for a memorable quincea–era, and after the dress and the guests, the dessert table is definitely on that list. We"ll share some tips and tricks to accessorize your cake so that it is, in fact, swoon worthy. Because after you, it"s probably the most photographed thing at your quince, and it needs to dress the part.

This glamorous fractured tier cake is a scene in itself, and it photographs beautifully. The bead curtain backdrop is gorgeous, and we love the repeated bead element in the chandelier cake stands. Add diamond wrap and brooches, and you have a cake display that stands out and that will make you InstaHappy for days. We kinda love the faux diamonds on the outside cakes, too. You can never have too much sparkle.

A single large crystal chandelier absolutely makes this dessert display. We love the metal structure, the pink ombrŽ dress + cake combo, and the subtle pink event lighting that ties the entire scene together. Try tiered dessert risers to take your displays to the next level. This cake display is a great example of splurging on a key area to get the maximum impact for your budget ~ a time honored pro strategy.

If brand names are your bag, then this Chanel inspired quince will send you shopping to get the look. A silver bead curtain or shimmer fabric backdrop, tabletop candle holders, and cake stands comprise the layers that are key to the success of this dessert display, and again the subtle pink accents work well with sparkle for an overall effect that is just right for a top shelf quince.

Next to the Birthday Girl, the Cake is the Boss at A Quincea–era Celebration

When your cake has star power, it can stand on its own knowing that it"s the center of attention (after you). You already know that accessories can make or break your outfit ~ let us show you how the same principle applies to your cake.

We love a bedazzled cake stand to support a gorgeous cake creation, and we have a great selection of table fabric to complete the look. Add diamond bling wrap and a cake topper that is all about you, and your quince cake will be one to remember.

Diamond bling wrap is again the key accessory for this mint dream cake, but if we had to nitpick, we"d suggest upgrading the cake stand to one that is worthy of every other detail of your event. The cake is a major focus of your guests" attention and of your photographer"s pictures, and it is just not the place to pinch pennies. Make the cake stand worthy of holding up one of the most important elements of your celebration.

When it comes to event Decor, we know the industry inside and out. We stock the best quality products for transforming any venue into a space that reflects your personality and makes your event totally memorable.

We would love to help you get just the right Decor pieces to make your quincea–era the night that you"ve dreamed about, and our customer service folks are the experts who will guide you toward that goal.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you create a cake display ~ and a complete quince ~ that will be the talk of your friends and your family for years.

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