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Home  >  Detail Roundup: Making the Most of Chalk, Candles and Cake
Detail Roundup: Making the Most of Chalk, Candles and Cake

Detail Roundup: Making the Most of Chalk, Candles and Cake

For many brides (and their event designers), the details are where heart and soul are poured out to make guests feel appreciated and weddings feel unique.

We offer a number of detail products that are well suited to DIY embellishment and to looking great straight out of the box.

In this wedding that was long on designer details, simple Mercury Glass Votives and succulents in vases were a simple embellishment for the place card table.

Likewise, the centerpieces contained simple elements that repeated these small details. Mercury glass votives, elegant calligraphy, and natural florals are a winning combination at this minimalist chic affair.

White paper lanterns and globe lights complement the other details and balance the vertical space without taking away from the elegant simplicity of the reception.

Chalkboards are another of our favorite DIY-friendly details that can be completely personalized with realistic amounts of effort and creativity. They strike a great midpoint between form and function, telling guests what they need to know without being too bossy. (PS Do you see a Tissue Paper Pom Pom hiding out in the corner? We love those, too.)

A larger chalkboard sign invites guests to partake of their favorite beverage in a keepsake glassÉ A huge part of your guests" comfort is in knowing that they're doing things right, and this sign is both cute and clear.

Finally, we've told you often that a few wow! areas make the best use of limited budgets. The cake table is absolutely one of the most watched and photographed areas of an entire wedding, and this beaded cake plate makes sure that the cake shines. Whether your dessert is a DIY or a bakery confection, the cake table is not the place to skimp on details.

it's really up to you whether you put additional time and energy into these thoughtful details, or let them stand on their own right out of the box. We would love to help you find the perfect details to put the finishing touches on your next event. Give us a call at 928-855-6075 and let our on-site, on-staff customer service folks help you get just what you need, when and where you need it, shipped directly from our huge warehouse of in-stock products.
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